May Tenant of the Month
Ronald Hoagland

May Tenant of the Month is Ronald aka Hoaby Hoagland!

We asked Ronald some questions and want to share his answers with you

“I love living with Unique Properties because of the proximity to EIU’ campus (where I work), the wonderful and helpful ladies in the main office, and the helpful folks who handle repairs / maintenance etc. Every interaction with Unique Properties is a joy! (Thanks Hoagy, we enjoy your visits to the office! 🙂 )

I am an instructor in the Math Department at EIU, which is a position I’ve held for about 3 years now!

My favorite thing about Charleston is the size and community feel of the town! I come from a much smaller hometown (population of 1350), so Charleston is a nice bump up in size. It is still large, but has a small town feel to it! Plus having EIU in the heart of town brings plenty of interesting events, students, etc. to the community!

My most regular hobby is playing the tuba in local bands. Charleston has a well-established community band that plays during the summer and EIU has a few bands that community members can join in with during the academic year. So as a musician, I am never at a loss for groups to play in!