What is the Damage Waiver Program and how does it benefit me as a resident? 

The Damage Waiver Program protects you from significant financial liability, up to $100,000, in case you accidentally cause damage to the property. It provides peace of mind and avoids the need for you to pay for any damages out of pocket. Including this service helps us keep the moving process as simple as possible – it saves our residents the time and hassle of having to secure a renters insurance policy 

How much does the Damage Waiver Program cost? 

The Damage Waiver Program is included as part of your lease agreement and costs $13.99 per person per month. 

Can I opt-out of the Damage Waiver Program if I don’t want it?

The Damage Waiver Program meets the minimum requirements for liability coverage as it is outlined in the lease agreement, so it is a hassle-free experience. However, you are able to opt-out by following the instructions below or referring to the Damage Waiver Program addendum. 

  • If you’d like to opt-out, you will need to obtain a third-party liability insurance policy. You’ll need to submit a copy of the insurance policy to Granite.ConfirmInsurance.com. 

  • Our partner POPIC will review the policy to determine if it complies with the lease addendum. To comply, the policy MUST: 

    • Be in the leaseholder’s name(s) 

    • Contain the insured residence as stated on the lease 

    • Cover your liability requirement for a minimum amount of $100,000 

    • Contain both Start and End dates 

    • Add as an “Additional Interest,” “Interested Party,” or “Certificate Holder”: Granite@confirminsurance.com 

    • Add as an “Additional Interest,” “Interested Party,” or “Certificate Holder”: Granite – “Property Name” PO Box 1159, Newport Beach, CA 92659 

*Please Note: The Damage Waiver Program is not insurance; it is a contractual waiver of our rights. This program does not cover personal property. This is a summary/FAQ only, please see addendum for complete details.

What types of damages are covered under the Damage Waiver Program?

The Damage Waiver Program will help cover damage to our property from incidents like fire, smoke, explosions, water, sewer back up or falling objects when such damage is caused by the negligent action or inaction of you, your occupants, or your guests.

Who do I notify if there is an issue that falls under the Damage Waiver Program?


In the event something is damaged and is covered under the Damage Waiver Program, you should notify us (your property management company) ASAP. We will help through the process to facilitate repairs. 

Does the Damage Waiver Program cover damages caused by pets?

Generally, pet-related damages are not covered by the Damage Waiver Program. However, the PetScreening program ensures that pets meet certain criteria for responsible ownership. 

Will I still need personal renter’s insurance under the Damage Waiver Program? 

That’s up to you! The Damage Waiver Program meets the minimum requirements and keeps residents in compliance with the lease. If you would like additional coverage for personal items, we would recommend securing a renters insurance policy. You can enroll in a personal protection policy here: https://habitatspecialty.io/personalcontents  

Does the Damage Waiver Program protect me if I accidentally injure someone on the property? 

The Damage Waiver Program only covers property damage. 

Can I transfer the Damage Waiver Program coverage if I move to another property? 


POPIC coverage is specific to the property you are currently leasing and does transfer to other Granite properties.