An Introduction to Said Nursi by Ian S. Markham

By Ian S. Markham

Modern Islamic thinkers are frequently studied sociologically instead of as theologians. there are numerous obtainable introductions to Christian theologians, yet only a few such reports of Islamic thinkers. This publication, and this sequence, seeks to alter this case: providing new introductions to influential Islamic thinkers and fascinating, on the point of principles, with the wealthy depths of up to date Islamic theology. This e-book introduces to the English-speaking global the prime smooth Islamic philosopher acknowledged Nursi (1878-1960) - who has a few 9 million fans in modern-day Turkey and around the globe. After a gap bankruptcy that gives an summary of his lifestyles, the subsequent 4 chapters define the theology of Nursi on God, the Qur'an, the West and Politics. the ultimate part presents a useful source of readings from Nursi's most crucial writings. supplying an creation to a tremendous type of Islam that's dedicated to non-violence, discussion and confident relationships with the West, this can be the 1st pupil textbook to introduce a modern Islamic theologian in a scientific means.

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In addition to these general exhortations to experience God, there are particular moments in Nursi’s life where he had certain intense experiences that conveyed insights into the ultimate nature of reality. In the Sixth Letter, for example, he writes about an experience which came to him while alone in the mountains; he talks about the five forms of exile. He writes: The first: due to old age, I was alone and a stranger away from the great majority of my friends, relations, and those close to me; I felt a sad exile at their having left me and departed for the Intermediate Realm.

And while being numerous, some display a unity or similarity, since they resemble one another and are found everywhere. As for unity, it shows One of Unity. ”21 Pondering on the topic, he expands it with an illustration of the signs of Divine oneness: [God] placed many stamps of oneness on all species and numerous seals of unity on all universals, as well as the various stamps of unity on the world as a whole. Of those many seals and stamps, we shall point out one on the page of the face of the earth in the springtime.

Nursi understood that being an adorer of God, is the foundation and completion of human vicegerency. Knowledge of Divine attributes, he concludes, is the vital element in the journey of human beings toward becoming a perfect adorer of their Creator. Nursi on Reflective Thought In Islam, worship is not only understood in its formal forms of prescribed prayers, fasting, or giving charity. Pondering on God’s creation and the channels of His revelations, pursuing knowledge to gain better insights of His names, and having reflective thought about his creation are all considered within the range of worship.

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