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Paperback booklet approximately making altered books

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Libricide: The Regime-Sponsored Destruction of Books and Libraries in the Twentieth Century

The place they've got burned books, they're going to result in burning humans, declared German poet Heinrich Heine. This booklet identifies the regime-sponsored, ideologically pushed, and systemic destruction of books and libraries within the twentieth century that frequently served as a prelude or accompaniment to the big human tragedies that experience characterised a such a lot violent century.

Metallica - Load

The matching folio to the long-awaited, hard-hitting new album - with the double guitar onslaught of Hetfield and Hammett - positive aspects 14 songs, together with: 2 x four ? Ain? t My complain ? until eventually It Sleeps ? The Outlaw Torn ? losing My Hate ? plus biography, photographs, and full-color fold-out.

Euripides and the Politics of Form

How do we make feel of the leading edge constitution of Euripidean drama? And what political position did tragedy play within the democracy of classical Athens? those questions tend to be thought of to be jointly unique, yet this booklet indicates that they could merely be thoroughly replied jointly. offering a brand new method of the aesthetics and politics of Greek tragedy, Victoria Wohl argues that the poetic kind of Euripides' drama constitutes a style of political idea.

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