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3 vols. With portrait, 220 coloured and 25 plain pI. Imp. fol. Half Russia. Very fine copy. Excessively rare in coloured state and espccially in such a fine condition, as to plates and bindings. 276. ), TraiM des bois, et des differ. manieres de les semer, planter, cultiver, exploiter, transporter et conserver. Paris, 1769. 2 vol. pet. in-8vo. veau fauve, dos dor. 277. Matthiolus, P. , Commentarii in sex libros Dioscoridis de medica materia. Adj. magnis, ac novis plantarum, ac animalium iconibus, super priores editiones longe pluribus.

Paris, Grez-sur-Loing, 18931906. 14 vols. With index. 15 vols. in 13, of which 12 bound. All published. Very rare. 428. Mitteilungen der D e u t s c hen den d r 0 log i s c hen G e sell s c h aft, 1892-1928. , of which 5 bound. Mart. Nijhoff, The Hague - Cat. o 559 NATURAL SCIENCES 44 429. Monatschrift fiir das For s t- un d Jag d w e sen mit b e son d ere r B e r ii c k sic h t i gun g von S ii dde u t s chi and. 22 vols. - (Oontinued by:) Forstwissenschaftliches Centralblatt. New series, year 1-50.

1699. 293. Oudemans, C. A. J. , Enumeratio systematica fungorum in omnium herbarium Europaearum organis diversis hucusque observatorum. ) J. W. Moll, R. de Boer, L. Vuyck et J. J. Paerels. Hag. Com. 1919-24. 5 vol. gr. in-8vo. toile. Cet ouvrage eontient une enumeration des ehampignons parasitant sur les plantes de la flore europeenne. Les noms des ehampignons sont accompagnes des citations de la litterature necessaire et ranges selon les plantes nourricieres et parmi celles-ci, selon les parties ou ils se trouvent.

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