3ds Max MAXScript Essentials by Autodesk

By Autodesk

Write your individual MAXScript services and utilities to automate repetitive projects and create customized instruments and UI components. starting with an advent to crucial programming recommendations, you examine the MAXScript fundamentals that come with cloning gadgets, MAX instructions, toolbar entry, opting for scene nodes, determining issues, and utilizing the mousetrack command and painter interface. Real-world instructional examples are supplied through the ebook to illustrate find out how to use the MAXScript strategies on your personal construction atmosphere.

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Returning Values from Functions When a function finishes a set of instructions a value is returned. If there is an variable assignment in the calling line of code, the value is assigned to the variable. Functions can be roughly categorized into two different types: those that return a value, and those that don't. Functions that return a value usually do so by returning a value at the end of the function. Functions that don't return a value are called void functions, because you don't expect 35 • MAXScript Basics any information to be returned from the function when it finishes executing.

This is for readability only. If-Then-Else Statements If you type the previous example in the Listener, nothing happens. To understand why, you need to know the ifthen-else control structure. You can extend the simple if-then construct to include else. The if, then, and else portions of the statement can all be on separate lines. height 40 80 The else clause gives you an alternative action when the condition inside the if clause is not met. Remember that the Listener executes your statements line by line as you type.

2. Open a new MAXScript Editor window with MAXScript menu> New Script. 3. x = 3 pnt = point3 7 14 21 modifyPoints mYPoint 4. The Listener returns a point3 literal of [7, 14, 21], which is the new point3 value created in the function. 5. Type myPoint in the Listener and evaluate. 6. The result is [3,20,30]. As you can see the value of my Po in t was unaffected by the assignment of pnt inside the function, however the value of the. x property of myPoint was affected by the assignment of pnt . x inside the function.

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