101 Science Experiments by Illa Podendorf

By Illa Podendorf

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A fuse helps protect homes from fire. A light b u l b lights because t h e fila'ment becomes very hot and gives off light. 57 Static electricity can be produced by rubbing. Like electric charges repel each other. Unlike electric charges attract each other. 1. What happens to water left standing in a dish? Find three dishes all alike. Put a teaspoonful of water in one dish, two teaspoonfuls of water in another dish, and three in the other. Place them side by side and let stand. Examine t h e m every two or three hours.

Fill t h e flask with water, coloured with a little food colouring. The colouring makes it possible for you to see it more easily. Heat the flask of water gently or slowly. Notice what happens. The water starts going u p in t h e glass t u b e . T h i s is b e c a u s e t h e molecules of water move faster a n d farther a p a r t as they are h e a t e d .

Now see whether you can pick up paper clips with your electric magnet. You should be able to pick up several paper clips. Now loosen one of the wires from the dry cell and see w h a t h a p p e n s to the p a p e r clips. T h e p a p e r clips should fall. This is why electric magnets are so useful— t h e y are only m a g n e t s w h e n t h e r e is electricity going t h r o u g h them. T h e y can be m a d e to pick u p a n d drop loads. 37 8. Do electric magnets have poles? Connect u p your electric magnet.

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